How to list My NFT in NFT swap marketplace

If you hold NFTs you no longer want, you can list your unwanted NFTs on the NFT swap marketplace, and list the contract address and token ID (which can be multiple contract addresses and token IDs) of the NFTs you want to own, along with a certain amount of ERC-20. When someone else sees the NFT you have listed, if the NFT(s) he holds meets the payment terms you require, the transaction will be concluded.

How to list an item on the NFT swap marketplace


  • The NFTs on both sides of the swap must be on the same blockchain. Refer to How to find my NFT's token standard and blockchain to check the NFTs' blockchain.

  • Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT.

Step 1: Select Marketplace>Swap on the PlaNFT website, and enter the NFT swap marketplace.

Step 2: Click Sell an item to enter the List item for sale page.

Step 3: Set up the parameters.

  • NFT: Select the NFT(s) you want to sell.

  • ERC20: You as the seller agree to pay the ERC20, and if it is on, you need to select a token and set a certain value of the token.

Step 4: Set up the Payment Terms.

  • NFT: Enter the contract address and token ID of the NFT(s) you want to get, i.e. the contract address and token ID of NFT buyer, which can be added more than one by clicking +.

  • ERC20: Enter the ERC20 you want to get, i.e. the ERC20 that the buyer needs to pay for you when they swap your NFT. If it is on, you need to select a token and set a certain value of token.

Step 5: Select your contact info, you can click connect to connect to your telegram or discord account, so that after you list your order, other people can view your details to find your telegram account and chat with you.

Refer to How do I connect my crypto wallet to discord or telegram to connect your telegram or discord to PlaNFT.

Step 6: Set the valid time of NFT for this pending order, after this time, your NFT will not swap.

Step 7: Click Complete Listing.

Step 8: If it is the first time to use the wallet to trade, you need to complete the following authorizations in sequence.

  1. Click Confirm to authorize your crypto wallet address to the PlaNFT transaction agency contract, you need to pay a small amount of gas fee during this process.

  2. Click Confirm to authorize your NFT to PlaNFT transaction contract.

  3. If the pending order currency is ERC20, you also need to click Confirm once to authorize your ERC20 token. If it is a native token, this step is not required.

Step 9: Click Sign to confirm the transaction. You will see the following page as shown below after the transaction is successful.

After listing NFT to the NFT swap marketplace, you can click My Listings to see if your NFT is successfully listed on NFT swap marketplace.

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