ERC-20 Assets

Generally speaking, cryptocurrencies are compliant with the ERC-20 token standard, so ERC-20 indicates your cryptocurrency assets.

For the blockchain where the crypto wallet is on, you need to check the token smart contract on the chain in the following blockchain browser.

This guide shows how to import tokens to your crypto wallet, using the example of viewing your wallet's WMATIC on BNB Chain.

How to import WMATIC tokens to my wallet on BNB blockchain

Prerequisite: Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT. (Refer to crypto wallet.)

Step 1: Click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner of the PlaNFT webpage and go to My Wallet.

Step 2: Select the BNB chain under the ERC-20 area, and click the + button

Step 3: Enter the URL of the BNB chain at on your browser.

Step 4: Since the token we want to import is WMATIC, type WMATIC on the search bar on your BNB browser and click on the search result.

Step 5: Position the mouse over the contract and click on the Copy button to copy the address.

Step 6: Return to the ERC-20 area of PlaNFT, enter the address you just copied in the Token Contract Address input field, and the Token symbol and Token Decimal will be automatically filled.

Step 7: Click Add Custom Token and you will see your WMATIC below ERC-20 area.

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