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After the NFT mint, if the NFT has not yet been listed for sale, the NFT buyer can still make an offer to purchase the NFT. You can sell your NFT at a price you are satisfied with, and the NFT seller fills the order.


  • Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT.

  • The NFT you want to sell has been mint and there is already an NFT buyer make offer.

Step 1: Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the official website, select My collections to find the NFT collection to which the NFT you want to sell belongs, click on the name of the NFT collection, and click on the NFT that you have received an offer.

Step 2: Click Listings & Offers>Offers, you will see all offers for this NFT.

Step 3: Choose the offer you like and click sell now.

Step 4: Check By checking this box, I agree to PlaNFT's Terms of Service, click Checkout.

Step 5: If it is the first time to use the wallet to trade, you need to complete the following authorizations in sequence.

  1. Click Confirm to authorize your crypto wallet address to the PlaNFT transaction agency contract, you need to pay a small amount of gas fee during this process.

  2. Click Confirm to authorize your NFT to PlaNFT transaction contract.

  3. If the pending order currency is ERC20, you also need to click Confirm once to authorize your ERC20 token. If it is a native token, this step is not required.

Step 6: Click Sign to confirm the transaction. You will see the following page as shown below after the transaction is successful.

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