Conventional Wallet

Elements of a conventional crypto wallet include the private key, the recovery phrase, and the wallet address.

Definition of Conventional Wallet

  • Private key: certificate of initiating a transaction from the wallet. The one who knows the private key controls everything in the wallet.

  • Recovery phrase: a series of words that helps you memorize the private key in creating the wallet. The recovery phrase can be treated as the private key - one can regenerate the private key from the recovery phrase.

  • Wallet address: the public key. The publicly visible identification of a wallet address.

Connect conventional wallet to PlaNFT

Suppose you already have a wallet. In that case, you are already a veteran and can connect to that wallet.

If you don't have a conventional wallet (for example: Metamask), then follow the steps below to install and connect a conventional wallet to PlaNFT.

Install a conventional wallet

Follow the steps below to install a crypto wallet (Take Metamask as an example).

Step 1: Go to , and click Install MetaMask for Chrome.

Step 2: Enter the chrome web store and click Add to Chrome.

Step 3: You are prompted to click add the extension.

Step 4: Click Get Started.

Step 5: Read carefully and click I Agree to go to the next part.

Step 6: Click Create a Wallet to get set up.

Step 7: Enter the password and check I have read and agree to the Terms of Use, then click the Create button.

Step 8: Information pops up - Before getting started, watch a short video to learn about your Secret Recovery Phrase and how to keep your wallet safe. Watch, or click Next to skip.

Step 9: Click the lock icon below to unlock the Secret Recovery Phrase. Write this phrase on a piece of paper and store it in a secure location. If you want even more security, write it down on multiple pieces of paper and store each in 2 - 3 different locations. Click Next.

Step 10: Select each phrase in order to make sure it is correct and Click Confirm.

Step 11: Click All Done. The browser will guide you to the Account Page.

Step 12: After successfully installing MetaMask on your browser, you can click the little fox icon on the top right of your browser to open the MetaMask interface. ( If you can not find it, you can click the Google Extensions button and click on the Pin button of MetaMask.)

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