Create NFT club Based on Telegram

Prerequisite: Connect your crypto wallet to PlaNFT. (Refer to crypto wallet.)

Step 1: Refer to Mint and to select the NFT type you like to mint.

Make sure:

  1. You have to connect your telegram to PlaNFT, if not, refer to How do I connect my discord or telegram account in PlaNFT.

  2. The social account you select in Default Group Type during the mint NFT process is the same as the social account you connected to PlaNFT.

  3. If you choose to create a Telegram NFT club, you will need to set Groups & channels to Everybody in Settings> Privacy and Security in Telegram.

Step 2: Optional, refer to Sell to sell if you want others who buy your NFT can join the same on-ch club.

Step 3: Click on your Profile Picture on the top right corner of the PlaNFT webpage and go to My Wallet>My Clubs>Clubs I built.

Step 4: Find the clubs your built. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of your collection and select Create Clubs.

Step 5: Click Join in the pop-up window, the creator will receive messages as shown below to enter the group at the bottom right of the computer, click on the message to enter the Telegram NFT club.

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